How to download the RCPI App

There are two versions of the RCPI app

  • Users with an Apple iPhone need to download the iOS app in iTunes/the App Store
  • Users with an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, LG, HTC, etc) need to download the Android app from Google Play

In each case, the user just needs to search for ‘RCPI’ in their app store to find our app.

Users must ensure their phone software has been updated recently to the latest version of iOS or Android to ensure consistent service.

When downloading the app, the user needs to allow the RCPI app access their location, photos and camera – otherwise the app won’t work properly

Navigating the App

Once you have downloaded the App, when you open it up you will see an icon in the top right hand corner that resembles a person. Click here to Login. You should use the same username and password you’ve always used for the RCPI website. Once you have logged in, you shouldn’t need to log in again

When the user logs in, they land on the Digital Hub. If the user scrolls down they will see news stories that have been targeted at them – This is a quick way to see what’s happening across RCPI

There are tabs at the bottom of every screen in the app that bring users to specific digital services

  • The eLearning tab will bring the user to all of their courses in The Physician Network.
  • The Communities tab will bring the user to all of their communities in The Physician Network
  • The RCPIStore where they can book courses, exams, conferences and events
  • The Journals tab will bring the user to a list of all online journals that they have access to. Note: Access to journals is based on the user’s profile, whether they are a Trainee or whether they have paid their membership or fellowship subscription

In the top right hand corner there is an icon that resembles three horizontal lines. Users can select this and open links to all of the user’s digital services. They can also find quick links to faculty web pages and clinical guidelines

If the user clicks on their profile icon, they can edit their profile, view their draft applications and payment history, and log out of the app

The “Refresh App” option should be clicked if the user is not seeing the latest updates in the app – It clears their browsing history within the app and helps clear up any issues


Technical things to note about the RCPI App

  • The RCPI app only works on mobile phones. It will not work on desktop or tablets
  • The user will be asked to log in after a new update to the app is installed on their phone
  • There is no offline mode for our app – The user must be connected to the internet
  • The RCPI app doesn’t rotate to landscape view
  • The user may see issues when using the app for Sony Xperia phones, Sony Xperia phones do not support our app.
  • If a user gets stuck on a tab within the app (they might see an error message) the app can be reset as follows: 
    • a) IOS - Double click the home button and swipe the app page up to remove it. 
    • b) Android - Double click the overview button (single or double square icon on the phone)