We’re sorry that you can’t log into the app anymore and that you weren’t warned about this in advance. We are actually moving away from having an app and we will be closing it down very soon. To use our website on your mobile phone simply type www.rcpi.ie into your mobile internet browser or search for "RCPI" on Google on your phone. All features that were available in our app now work much better on our mobile website. 

Why are we closing the App?  We upgraded our website on 27 February 2020, and this led to unexpected issues with logging in to our app. As we were planning to close down the app very soon we have decided not to fix this issue, as it would be quite costly. Very few people are still using our app.

Our app was built to work with the digital systems in use in 2018. Since the app was launched, we have replaced The Physician Network with RCPI Brightspace, and the RCPIStore has been replaced by our new Courses & Events website. At this point, the app offers very limited functionality and the decision has been made to remove it.

We are sorry for the lack of advance warning. 

More information can be obtained here:  https://www.rcpi.ie/news/the-rcpi-app-is-now-closed/