These instructions cover how to have a conference call using Blueface. Each User has access to a private Conference Room that can host up to 8 participants.



Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login using your login details which were emailed to you from Blueface in December 2019

Step 3: When the portal opens click on the profile logo to open the menu 

Step 4: Click on the conferencing option to view your personal Room Number and Room Pin 

Step 5: Email your attendees the following details maximum of 8 can connect.  

Tel: 015312100

Room Number:

Room Pin:


Step 6: To join the call dial +35315312100 to access the conference line you will be requested to enter conference number followed by pound key enter your room number followed by the # then enter the pin followed by # 


Step 6: Once call is completed hang up.