FromAugust 2020 It will no longer be possible to access your @Physicians via the RCPI Website.  To access your @physicians email going forward please follow these instructions.

If you need to change your password for this account please contact RCPI Helpdesk to request a new password for your @Physicians here  Please note this may take 24 hours.


How to Access @physicians email outside the RCPI website


  1. To access your @physicians account, please visit 
  2. From here, choose ‘Sign In’ and enter your physicians address when prompted and 

click ‘Next

  1. When prompted, enter the password associated with your RCPI account
    (Note: While your RCPI account and @physicians mail account are now effectively separate systems, the password for each is identical until you change one or the other)
    1. After you successfully log in, you will be brought to the Office dashboard, from which you can access your Outlook mail app