Do I meet the requirements for applying?

  • The requirements for each training programme are available under how to apply section of the website?

If I have Questions about applying who do I contact?

  • If you have questions about applying for our Medical Training programmes please review the how to apply documentation on the website if this does not answer your question please email the relevant training prgramme email address with your queries.

I am having a technical issue with my application who do I contact?

  • Please email advising which section of the application you are having an issue with and providing details of the error message and if possible a screen shot of the error.

What do the Acronyms Mean used in Applications?

  • Click here to review list of Acronyms

Does this or that degree meet the requirements for BST/HST?

  • The entry requirements for our programs are detailed on the website.
    Candidates must be eligible to be registered with the Medical Council and therefore by that merit, must hold a valid Medical Degree.

What is IELTS? Am I proficient?

  • We are required to follow the English Language Competency guidelines supplied by the HSE. These can be found online or on  our How to Apply Pages. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. We also accept OET results - Occupational English Test. 

Can I apply for your training prgramme if I am not Irish or graduated from an EU Medical School?

  • Yes, there is no restriction on any nationalities applying for HST or BST. We are required to comply with national policy relating to the recruitment, training, retention and development of specialist medical practitioners, which can be found on our website.

What is RITE? Should this be referred to TFO or Examinations

Late or Missing documents from Application

  • If you have forgotten to upload documentation needed with your application it is not possible to access a submitted application therefore you will need to email or with the missing documentation including the application number asking the team to add the documentation to your application for you.