You are legally required to enrol in a Professional Competence Scheme if you:


  • Hold Specialist, General or Supervised registration with the Irish Medical Council
  • Practice in Ireland, whether directly or indirectly involved in the treatment of patients, through medical education, research, administration or assessment


Non-payment of the PCS Annual Fee places your continuing enrolment on your Professional Competence Scheme at risk.


When you go to renew your registration with the Medical Council in 2020 you will be asked to declare (by selecting Yes/No)

1a.          ‘I am enrolled in a professional competence scheme in Ireland and have paid my Scheme enrolment fee for the scheme year 2020-2021’ 


1b.          ‘My Annual Statement of Participation as of May 2020 demonstrates that I am meeting my maintenance of professional competence requirements’

The Medical Council will ask all Training Bodies for the registration numbers of all those who have not met the requirements for the 2019/20 Professional Competence year.

If you are unable to meet your requirements because of an absence from practice of three or more months due to certified illness or maternity/bereavement/parental/adoptive/carer’s leave, please inform the RCPI Professional Competence team in writing as soon as possible ( ) and we will update our records accordingly and annotate the Annual Statement of Participation that will be issued to you in May 2020.

Your annual Professional Competence Scheme requirements are:

  • 1 Audit/Quality Improvement Project
  • 20 Credits in the External CPD category
  • 20 Credits in the Internal CPD category
  • 5 Credits in the Personal Learning category
  • 50 CPD credits recorded overall (remaining 5 credits can be recorded in any category)