The approval process can take some time.  We may need to cross check information with you, or it may be difficult for the assessor to make a decision as soon as you would like.

To ensure that we can process your application and the assessor can provide a decision on time:

  • It is important to remember that an educational activity cannot be approved retrospectively.  From 1 May 2017, applications for approval of activities that take place in the past will not be accepted
  • You must apply for CPD approval at least four weeks before you intend to advertise or invite people to your education activity. This gives us enough time to process your application and, if necessary, make recommendations before you advertise or send invitations

  • If your activity date is in the past or your application is submitted after you have circulated invitations or advertised, it will not be possible for us to advise you about any issues that may prevent approval in time forus to advise you on how to rectify them.