Check our guidelines


Doctors cannot be unduly influenced by industry in the care they provide to patients so it’s important we have strict guidelines to ensure there is no conflict of interest at educational activities sponsored by industry (e.g. pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers).


Guidelines for event organisers:


  • you cannot have an industry sponsor or product name in the event title, or in the titles of any part of your programme
  • display tables or material related to an industry sponsor or their products cannot be placed in the education area
  • your educational programme and materials, including slides, abstracts and handouts cannot contain any advertising, trade message, company or product name, or logo
  • you can provide a separate handout alongside your programme acknowledging the contribution of your sponsors.

Live Webinars/Online sessions:

  • Sponsorship may only be acknowledged in text on the landing page
  • Sponsor branding, trade message, company/product name or logo must not be visible on any of the educational material, including slides, downloadable handouts etc., or displayed in the background at any stage of the live webinar
  • A separate slide may be displayed for disclosure

Be sure to read our Policy on Industry Sponsorship and Support.