Our CPD approval process is for live educational events. 


Websites and enduring educational material, including online courses, are outside this process. Doctors can self-determine whether or not to claim CPD for engaging in an online educational activity, so the site and associated promotion material simply needs to state that the activity attracts X number of CPD credits.


An online course may attract CPD credit if it meets the following criteria:

  • Course provides some type of learner interaction or self-assessment
  • Course objectives describe what the participants may learn or achieve by participating in the course
  • Course provides access to appropriate bibliographic sources that allow for further study and that reinforce and clarify specific activity topics
  • Site allows the doctor to download evidence of activity and/or completion, e.g. a certificate of completion of a module
  • Doctors should ensure a balance between CPD credits garnered from online learning and from attending live educational events