The Medical Council has stated that for the 2022-2023 Professional Competence year, the following will apply: 

In the Professional Competence Year beginning on 1 May 2022 and ending on 30 April 2023, doctors will be required to undertake and record the following CPD activity with their Scheme: 

  • 25 CPD credits (in any category: External, Internal, Personal LearningResearch or Teaching); and 
  • One Audit or Quality Improvement project 

Within Professional Competence there are 4 CPD categories:

Doctors must record a minimum of 25 CPD credits across each Professional Competence Year (May to April)

In addition, one Audit/Quality Improvement project is required each year

Inform your Training Body about any extended absence from your practice

Doctors will still be asked to make a declaration about their maintenance of professional competence during the 2021 annual retention process. 

Doctors are still required to retain enrolment on a Professional Competence Scheme. If you haven't renewed your enrolment please click here 

The requirements outlined above will be kept under review in light of a protracted pandemic and the Medical Council will keep the COVID-19 section of its website updated with the latest information.