Requirements for Continuing Professional Development in 2020/2021 have been updated by the Medical Council

The Medical Council has changed the CPD requirements for the 2020/21 Professional Competence year. 


You can read the full announcement from the Medical Council here (PDF) 


What has changed?

The Medical Council has stated that for the 2020/21 Professional Competence year, the following will apply:


The annual Clinical/Practice Audit requirement has been removed


Doctors will only be required to record 25 CPD credits instead of the usual 50 credits. The other 25 CPD credits will be considered as met arising from increased learning by doctors during COVID-19

Of the 25 CPD credits that must be recorded, doctors are permitted to record these credits in any CPD category (External, Internal, Personal Learning, Research or Teaching). CPD requirements for each category will not apply. Please obtain evidence as appropriate for the 25 credits which you are recording.


No.  You need to meet the minimum requirement each year, which is 50 CPD credits across the following categories: 


  • External (maintenance of knowledge and skills) - minimum 20 credits per year (required) 

  • Internal (practice evaluation and development) - minimum 20 credits per year (required) 

  • Personal Learning - minimum 5 credits per year (required) 

  • Research or Teaching -2 credits per year (desirable) 


The remaining credits can be made up of any combination of these four categories. 


In addition, you must undertake one Audit/Quality Improvement each year. 


The Professional Competence year runs from 01 May to 30 April, and all claims must be for activities that took place within that period.