RCPI Policy on CPD Credits for Medical Related Advanced Degrees and Online Courses Credits will be awarded in the External Category equivalent to the number of hours attending lectures or completing assignments.

Credits will be awarded to medical candidates who complete courses and provide evidence of awarding Certificates/Diplomas etc. These credits should fulfill the external requirement for a maximum of 2 years, such that other activities in this category are undertaken. Other learning times on these courses can be entered in the Personal Learning Category.

You can claim CPD Credit for this type of activity as follows:


To record activities around a higher medical degree or PhD:

  • Attendance at lectures/tutorials/workshops: Claim 1 hour = 1 credit under the External Category
  • Study time/revision time: Claim 1 hour = 1 credit under the Personal Learning Category
  • Preparation of presentations/assignments: Claim 5 credits per item under the Research or Teaching Category


It may also be possible to apply some of the work you have done in relation to your higher medical degree or PhD as your Clinical (Practice) Audit.


It is understood that the work towards a higher medical degree or PhD can take place across more than one Professional Competence Year.  When this happens, make the credit claims match the year. That is - activities you claim in relation to your degree in 2022 - 2023 must have taken place between 1 May 2022 and 30 April 2023, and so on.