Research and teaching are essential in order to improve patient care.  Sharing your knowledge with others will help you to consolidate your own learning as well as providing a valuable education opportunity for your colleagues and peers


While you are not required to record these activities it is highly desirable to claim your credit in ePortfolio.


Examples of Research or Teaching activities include:


 1 credit per hour for:

  • Thesis supervision
  • Preparation to chair an academic meeting
  • Contribution to educational programmes or curricula
  • Teaching or examining postgraduates
  • Teaching or examining undergraduates (requires some written reflection on how this enhanced your own practice)

5 credits for:

  • First-time preparation and delivery of a lecture,  presentation, case study
  • First-time preparation and delivery of a poster 


Research and Publishing

1 credit per hour for:

  • Participation in a research project which has ethical approval
  • Contribution to a published article or paper
  • Contribution to national guidelines
  • Contribution to textbooks
  • Preparation and delivery of an abstract
  • Peer-review of articles/publications

Evidence of your participation is required. See:  Evidence for Research or Teaching

See:  How to add CPD to your ePortfolio