We randomly select doctors who received an Annual Statement for the preceding year. For example, if you receive an Annual Statement for the year 1 May 2018- 30 April 2019, then you could be selected for verification during 2019. 


The selection process normally takes place in August and those who have been selected are notified by email.


If you are selected for verification you will be given time to review and update your records in ePortfolio. We are here to support doctors who need help updating their records. 


Once the deadline for updating your records has passed, your ePortfolio will be locked, preventing any further updates. Then your records are reviewed.  You can continue to record your activities for the current or previous PCS years.


Due to the growing number of PCS Participants, it can take up to 18 weeks for all reviews to be completed. Once that stage is complete, detailed feedback will be sent to all selected doctors at the same time.