The introduction of 3D Secure authentication by European banks requires the cardholder to register their card the first time they try to purchase goods and services from an enrolled merchant (RCPI are an enrolled merchant), and the details they provide will be used to authenticate any future purchase from any enrolled member merchant. 


What do I need to do in advance?


  • Update address information: 
    • This functionality requires cells in address fields which were not previously mandatory to be populated.  The College did not require City and Postcode as mandatory cells before 1st January 2021 however these are now required.


  • Ensure card is in Credit
    • Ensure there are sufficient funds in the card for the transaction, taking currency exchange rates into calculations.


What do I do if the card payment is unsuccessful?


If you are advised that your payment was unsuccessful this means the RCPI payment portal contacted your card issuer and for some reason the transaction was rejected.  


We are unable to see the reason for the unsuccessful payment please contact your card issuer to find out the following:


  • Authorised Transactions
    • Is the card authorised to make online transactions in the amount of the fee being paid? Some banks apply a limit to the amount an online transaction can be made for to prevent fraud.  
    • Is the card authorised to make online, cross-border or overseas transactions without notifying the Bank before the transaction is made?


  • Insufficient Balance
    • Is there sufficient funds for the transaction you wish to process?  Please ensure you take into account currency exchange rates if you are paying in a different currency to the one you are billed in.


  • Authentication failure 
    • The authentication might fail due to various reasons, for example, if any wrong information is entered during the payment process then the transaction will fail, such as OTP or password entered incorrectly. Only your issuer can assist with these details,


  • Transaction not supported 
    • If you have an Irish Bank Card or Credit Card and you are trying to pay from abroad the bank may reject the transaction for security reasons. 


  • Connectivity Problems
    • There might be a network connection failure or internet connectivity issues during the transactions resulting in a failed transaction.


  • Bank-side Security
    • Banks have certain bank security measures put in place and it keeps certain tracking on the authorisation of the transactions of the customers. This may include the buying behaviour of the customer not matching the transactions or the payment amount of the transaction or the customer card is put on hold by risk. For this, the security measures would result in the transaction failing.


Where can I find more help

  • Please click here for additional information.