About Remote Invigilation How to Prepare for Examinations

Details on how remote invigilation works can be found here

When will I obtain emails from the Exam Provider about my examination?

For remote invigilation, all candidates will be emailed approximately 10 days in advance of the examination date by our Exam provider.  

This email will contain the candidate’s login credentials and instructions to download the Exam App on the device the candidate will use to take their examination.   

A follow up email is sent 2 or 3 days later confirming the date and start time of the candidate’s examination, the start time of the examination is based on the candidate’s location and time settings on their device.  The candidate is instructed to login to the application and test their devices, webcam, microphone and speakers.  The candidate is also instructed to book a time slot to start their examination.  

What are the setup criteria for sitting the examination via remote invigilation?

Our exam provider will email instructions to each candidate to download the exam application on the device the candidate will use to take their examination. Candidates are required to login to the application and test their device’s, webcam, microphone and speakers before the day of the exam.

When will Examinations be back to RCPI Locations rather than online?

At present all our written exams will continue to be delivered remotely for the foreseeable future. Should this change we will update our website.

From June 2020 onwards all of our written examinations will be delivered by remote invigilation instead of at a physical examination centre. 

Please find all the information about remote invigilation in this link https://www.rcpi.ie/examinations/remote-invigilation/