The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a tool developed by IBM to perform statistical analysis of data. SPSS offers a fast-visual modelling environment that ranges from the simplest to the most complex models. In the field of computing and artificial intelligence, SPSS is used more frequently for modelling.


Under the RCPI license agreement Trainees are entitled to a copy of the SPSS software for their personal computer for use during their study in RCPI.  Registered trainees can access this software through their RCPI registered email account.  Please follow the instructions below for downloading and installing.

The license key is active and you should be able to work away on SPSS, if you notice the license key is close to expiring please let: know of this with clarification on the SPSS version and when this will expire and we should be able to look after this.

Please find here the link

Steps for SPSS install:

 1. Please double click on the installer you have or if you do not have one, please contact RCPI Helpdesk on
 with the request for SPSS software. This can be shared with you alongside the activation key used for each version available.


2. The following setup should come up (if installing version 25, if not setup should be almost the same for all other versions), please next it all the way through to finish:



3.Click I accept and next



4.Click Next, we would like IBM SPSS statistics-Essentials for Python also installed (if possible):

 5. Select I accept, next:

6. Select I accept, next:


7.Select Next, saving to default location is preferable:

8. Select install:



9.It will take a moment, however, please give it a few minutes:

10.Select finish:


11.Select Authorized user license, next:


12. Input the license key for the SPSS version you have, license key should come with the setup file and will be also shared with you. Press next:


13.You should see successful activation with green text as follows, please click next:

14.Click Finish and you are ready to go:


15.Once the SPSS application is installed ,please submit the below form to have your details recorded on our system and thereby we can send the new license key upon license expiry.


Confirmation Of SPSS Installation (Edit) Microsoft Forms ( 


SPSS Licence Code Instructions


There may be some issues with renewing your SPSS license at the start of July.  If you have any problems renewing your SPSS license please log a support call here!


IBM SPSS Support FAQs | Version 1

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SPSS offers a fast-visual modelling environment that ranges from the simplest to the most complex models and is used by trainees in their training

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