Card Issuers are adding an extra layer of security known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). These changes will help fight fraud and make your online transactions with your card more secure.


When you’re shopping online, you’ll have to confirm that it is you using your card. Your card issuer will send you a message through the app or via text message and ask you to confirm the transaction. It’s similar to what we sometimes ask you to do when using our online services. 

More Details on SCA

What do I need to do?


To continue to shop online with your card securely you need to:


  • Make sure we have the right mobile number for you


  • Register for Phone and Internet banking (if you haven’t already) 


  • Download the latest version of the relevant App


If you are registered for internet banking, you can update your mobile number by logging into your Internet Banking


How does SCA work?


SCA uses two factor authentication.  This is a secure, digital way to confirm it’s you using the card online. It asks you for two of the following pieces of information that you set up in advance:


  • Something you know (for example personal access code (PAC), password)


  • Something you have (for example a phone / app, code)


  • Something you are (for example fingerprint, face recognition)



Using our app to complete SCA in this way is the best way to make shopping online much more secure and reduce fraud.


In some cases, where websites are not yet set up for SCA, we will have to decline online purchases over a certain amount. You may not be able to shop online on certain websites if they are not yet ready for SCA.