You must always keep evidence of participation in your CPD activity, and we recommend that you always add evidence to activities that require it as and when you record them, so that you have the relevant evidence available when you are required to provide it. 

Annual Statement - We will not ask you to provide evidence to generate your statement

While we recommend that you add supporting evidence to your ePortfolio, you do not need to upload documents before we generate your Annual Statement. 

Your statement will not show whether evidence has been attached to forms in ePortfolio.

Annual Verification Process: we must ask you to provide evidence for Annual Verification

Evidence is required for the Annual Verification Process (AVP) carried out by your training body, so you should always make sure to collect your evidence and keep it in a safe place. 

If you are selected for this process you will be given sufficient notice so that you can upload your documents. Support will also be available from the Professional Competence team.

You can download guides to the type of evidence you should use through these links:

 Evidence for External CPD

 Evidence for Internal CPD 

 Evidence for Research or Teaching


When you add evidence to your ePortfolio, the best practice is to open the associated form in Kaizen and use the attachment tool available at the bottom of the form.  This will link your CPD claim to the relevant document.

Activities uploaded by RCPI do not require evidence to be attached as we have an in-house record of your attendance

See:  Activities uploaded by RCPI