Supporting Evidence is required for the External, Internal and Research or Teaching categories

Examples of appropriate types of evidence:

  • Letter, Memo or Attendance certificate for an individual activity, on organising institution headed paper, confirming your attendance
  • List of meetings or schedule of meetings/classes/lectures on organiser/institution headed paper, stamped or signed, including clear confirmation of your attendance
  • Copy of your BLS, ACLS, PALS, ALSO or similar certification/re-certification card
  • Conference identity tag which displays your name, and clearly identifies the educational activity and the date(s) it took place


  • Evidence for External CPD and Example Template for External CPD 
  • Evidence for Internal CPD and Example Template for Internal CPD
  • Evidence for Research or Teaching
  • Forum of Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies guidance on Verification of Internal CPD

Not acceptable

  • Documents that contain names of other attendees, your trainee/student names, patient names
  • Minutes of meetings or documents that contain other names or information about your workplace/committee etc.
  • Schedules/agendas - these only signify an intention to attend
  • Invitations, booking confirmations, travel receipts/tickets - these do not confirm attendance at the actual event


When adding evidence documents to your ePortfolio for Professional Competence, be sure they are in line with General Data Protection Regulations. For example do not include sign in sheets with other people's names, minutes, or other proprietary documents.