• Log in to www.rcpi.ie
  • Navigate to ePortfolio
  • Click “Create a new event”
  • Choose “Add a Personal Development Plan”
    1. Date Occurred on is the start date for your plan
    2. End Date is the end date for your plan
  • Pick the Professional Competence Year you are planning for
  • Use the form fields to create a plan that suits your needs
  • Don’t forget to complete our learning needs survey (at the end of the form)
  • Click "Submit"

Remember that your Personal Development Plan is not your actual record of participating in your required activities, it is a means to help you organise the time and resources in order to be able to participate. So whenever you complete a planned activity, don't forget to record it in the appropriate CPD or Audit/Quality Improvement form


Why do I need to create a Personal Development Plan?

What is the Learning Needs Survey?

Internal (Practice Evaluation and Development) CPD