• Log in to www.rcpi.ie
  • Navigate to ePortfolio
  • Click “Create a new event”
  • Choose “Add a Personal Development Plan”
    1. Date Occurred on is the start date for your plan
    2. End Date is the end date for your plan
    3. ideally, your plan dates should fall between 1 May and 30 April of the relevant Professional Competence year
  • Pick the Professional Competence year you are planning for
  • Use the form fields to create a plan that suits your needs
  • Don’t forget to complete our learning needs survey (at the end of the form)
  • Click "Submit"

Remember that your Personal Development Plan is not your actual record of participating in your required activities, it is a means to help you organise the time and resources in order to be able to participate. So whenever you complete a planned activity, don't forget to record it in the appropriate CPD or Audit/Quality Improvement form


Why do I need to create a Personal Development Plan?

Where is my Personal Development Plan?

What is the Learning Needs Survey?

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