You must complete one audit or quality improvement project per year

Clinical (Practice) Audit is not counted against your requirements in the same way as CPD - it is treated as a separate Professional Competence requirement.

To meet this requirement, you must complete one audit or quality improvement project about an aspect of your own practice every year.  This Medical Council requirement is not limited to doctors working in a hospital setting

This is a requirement for all doctors enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme, not just those working in hospitals.

We recommend spending at least 12 hours per year on your project. 

Download:  Audit/Quality Improvement Guide for Professional Competence

Video:  Maintaining Professional Competence - What is an Audit?

Medical Council:  Clinical Audit Guides

Retired from Practice or don’t work directly with patients?

Your Professional Competence requirements are based on your Medical Council registration status. Absence or retirement from practice does not exempt you from conducting one audit or quality improvement project each year.

If you're absent or retired from practice, check the following documents and web pages for advice. 

Medical Council 

Clinical Audit for Retired and Semi-Retired Doctors


Do I have to conduct an Audit/Quality Improvement project every year?

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