As you know, all doctors on the Specialist, General or Supervised Division of the Medical Council Register are required by law to be enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme and record sufficient CPD and Clinical (Practice) Audit claims to meet their scheme requirements.


The Medical Council requires all doctors to pay their Professional Competence renewal fee before renewing their Medical Council Registration.  If not previously enrolled, you should apply to enrol as soon as possible.  You must enter the name of your Professional Competence Scheme and the date you paid your enrolment/renewal fee on your Annual Retention form.


Absent from practice?

If you hold Supervised, General or Specialist registration with the Irish Medical Council, absence from practice does not in itself exempt you from engagement with Professional Competence, meaning it is important that you renew your enrolment every year so that you can properly record your absence.

See: What to do if you are absent from practice


Change of Status?

To change your Professional Competence Scheme status, we need your written instructions. 

If your Medical Council registration status has changed (e.g. you have changed your Medical Council registration type, retired from the Medical Council Register, entered a training programme or moved abroad), please let us know immediately by emailing or submit a ticket through the Log an Issue button on the RCPI Help Centre

If you have moved overseas it is important to be aware of the Irish Medical Council advice on this topic.