• Log in to your ePortfolio
  • Click on “Reports” 

PC or laptop:


Phone or tablet:


Choose the report you wish to download


On your PC or Laptop click “Run”

On your mobile device, click “Actions”



You can download the report as a .PDF or a .CSV file. We recommend you choose the .CSV file type as the number of columns in some reports mean your information will not display well in a .PDF file



If you wish to remove the date stamp from the start and end date of your records you can find instructions on this page : How to remove TimeStamp in Excel

If you have a high number of CPD entries we recommend that you download the file in the .csv format and use the Excel pivot table option to provide a summary of your entries.

You can find instructions on how to create a pivot table here: Microsoft: Excel Help & Training  PivotTables