Sometimes, for various reasons, you may not practise medicine for a period of time.

Leave from practice may have an impact on your ability to meet the legal minimum professional competence requirements, and this may then be reflected on your annual statement of participation.

You are advised to maintain some level of engagement in the Maintenance of Professional Competence (MOP), however this may not always be feasible.

Annual Statement Annotation

If the duration of your absence from practice lasts for 90 days or more within a Professional Competence year (May to April) and falls into one of the categories listed below, it will be possible to make an annotation on your Annual Statement of Professional Competence which will explain any shortfall on the requirements for that year.

  • Maternity Leave
  • Medically Certified Sick Leave
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Parental Leave
  • Adoptive Leave
  • Carer’s Leave

Planned Absences

Where your extended absence is planned (for example, Maternity, Parental or Adoptive leave}. we recommend you use your Personal Development Plan to work out how you can reach the minimum requirement for a Professional Competence year before you embark on the planned leave.

While you don't need to upload certificates to your ePortfolio, you should keep them in a safe place.



Download How to record an Absence from Practice