• Log in to www.rcpi.ie
    • Navigate to ePortfolio
    • Click “Create a new event”
    • Choose “Audit or Quality Improvement”
  • Date Occurred on is the start date for your Audit/Quality Improvement project
  • End Date” is the end date for your Audit/Quality Improvement project 
    • These dates need to fall between 1 May and 30 April for the relevant Professional Competence Year
  • Select the year you want to record from the dropdown list
  • Complete all the required fields
  • You must select at least one Domain of Good Professional Practice that applies to your project
  • It is possible to select up to 3 Domains, but you do not have to complete the second and third choices unless you feel the activity matches more than one Domain
  • Click "Submit" at the top right of your screen


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