If you saved your Professional Competence form, it will be in risr/ (Kaizen), but it may not be connected to your Professional Competence requirements or your progress.

Here are some pointers to help you find your forms. 

Dates: As you will notice, every form in ePortfolio begins with a space to enter the “Date occurred on” and “End date” of the activity you wish to record. These dates are what associate the forms with the Professional Competence year, and the Annual Statement that is generated at the end of that year. 

Draft forms If you save any form in risr/ (Kaizen) as a draft, it will not be counted against your requirements until you return to the form and click the “Submit” button. You can find draft forms on your Timeline. 

CPD and Audit/Quality Improvement If the correct dates are entered, e.g. between 1 May and 30 April of the relevant year, the activities you record will be counted against the requirements for that year, and you will see that the “My Progress” box on your Dashboard will update to reflect those entries. 
At the end of the year, all forms of this type, with correct dates, will be reflected in your Annual Statement. If incorrect dates are entered, the form will be saved but cannot be found by looking at your requirements. 
This type of form can be found on your “Timeline” so it is possible to return to the form and edit the dates. When you do this, the form will fall into the correct place. 

Personal Development Plan Your Personal Development is for your own personal reference and is not associated with either your requirements or the Annual Statement. 

For this reason, there is a box called “Personal Development Plans” on your Dashboard where you can quickly locate and review any plans you have created. 

Absence from Practice While the absence from practice is associated with your Annual Statement, it is not counted against requirements. 

You can find your absence form on your “Timeline”. If you have an absence from practice that is eligible for annotation on your Annual Statement, it is very important that you submit the form for the dates relating to a specific year, e.g. 1 May to 30 April. This is how the annotation on your Annual Statement will be triggered. If your absence spans across more than one PCS year, you must record a separate form for the dates relating to each year.