Q: How can I register for the CPD-SS?

A: Registration can be done by using the link provided https://www.rcpi.ie/Learn-and-Develop/Lifelong-Learning/CPD-SS-Continuous-Professional-Development-Support-Scheme

Q: When will I receive my voucher code?

A: Voucher codes will be issued after registration closes and all registration have been checked for their eligibility to the scheme. You can expect to receive your voucher in early October.


Q: Who is eligible for CPD-SS

A: The Continuous Professional Development Support Scheme (CPD-SS) is an educational program open to all NCHDs working in the public health service who are:


  • Not enrolled in an intern training program or on a postgraduate specialist training programme such as BST or HST
  • Working in the public health service and hold a 2010 NCHD contract within the HSE
  • On the General or Supervised Division of the Register of Medical Practitioners maintained by the Medical Council
  • Enrolled on a Professional Competence Scheme applicable to your specialty 
  • Registered and have paid your Professional Competence Scheme subscription


Q: What is the difference between the CPD-SS and the Professional Competence Scheme?

A: All doctors are legally required to maintain their professional competence by enrolling in Professional Competence Schemes and following the requirements set by the Medical Council. Schemes are operated by postgraduate training bodies. Schemes are in place for all registered doctors on the Specialist, General and Supervised Division of the Medical Register.

Part of the professional competence requirements of each practitioner is to achieve 20 externally validated CPD credits. Practitioners are also required under professional competence to accrue internal credits and fulfil audit requirements. Full details regarding professional competence schemes can be found on the Medical Council website or through your postgraduate training body.

The CPD-SS is commissioned by the HSE with a view to providing eligible NCHDs with a suite of professional educational courses which will assist the NCHD in fulfilling the 20 external CPD credit requirements of their Professional Competence Schemes.

The enrolment for Professional Competence Schemes and the CPD-SS are separate and independent application processes.


Q: If I miss the deadline can I still apply for the CPD-SS?

A: No. Eligible NCHDs MUST register for the CPD-SS by the date outlined (September 30) in order to avail of the courses funded under this scheme.