@physicians email service to be decommissioned on
30 March 2023

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland has, historically, provided access to an @physicians email account to Fellows, Members and Trainees of the College.

Following a recent review of email services at RCPI, a decision has been made to decommission and close @physicians email accounts. The decision was made due to potential security risks with unprotected accounts, GDPR requirements, low usage of the email accounts, and ongoing costs that are not financially viable for the College.

The @physicians email service will be deactivated on 30 March 2023. After this date, alumni will no longer have access to their @physicians email account.  All email accounts, as well as contacts and documents stored within, will no longer be accessible to all users including RCPI staff after 30 March 2023. 

Next steps 

To prepare for the end of the service on 30 March 2023, we recommend you take the following actions:  

  • Advise contacts of an alternative email where you can be reached.
  • Update your registered email address on your RCPI profile using this link to ensure you have a primary email address to continue receiving emails from RCPI.
  • Ensure you have forwarded any emails, documents and contacts you wish to retain from your @physicians email account to an alternative email account before the 30 March deadline.
  • If you have a forward set up in your @physicians email account you will no longer receive these emails after the deadline so update your forwarding emails to an alternative email account


To support you with the closure of the account, we have created an information page that includes information on the next steps and helpful guides. Further support is available from RCPI Helpdesk.

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