Dear Dr 


Thank you for your email.


There has been numerous reminders that 13 May 2024 midday was the lock out date and to try record as soon as possible due to last minute recording.


It seems you might have tried to login after this time which you would of only had a read only function.


We are currently issuing the Annual Statements,  once we open it up again for editing you will be able to record retrospectively.


The most important thing is that you need to declare honestly when you renew with the Medical Council that you have not met your requirements according to your Annual Statement of Participation issued for 2023-2024. 


If the Medical Council should write out to you, you can take a screenshot as proof you have uploaded it in the meantime and you have met your requirements and this will also update on the following Issue in May 2025. You have met your requirements for all the past years too so there should be no issues.