Employers are required to provide evidence of attendance at internal education activities such as Grand Rounds and Journal Clubs. The evidence for a recurring activity, such as Grand Rounds, can be given in one document (email, memo, letter, or certificate).


An evidence document for Internal CPD claims must carry your name and the name of your institution and confirmation from the organiser that you did attend.  The evidence document needs to contain the title of the activity, a list of the dates the activity took place, the start and finish time, and the number of times you attended.


If you choose to use an attendance register or meeting minutes as evidence of attendance, take care to respect the confidentiality of your colleagues and institution. Delete other people's names or confidential information, or consider an alternative evidence type.


You can use one record in your e-Portfolio to record a series of recurring activities and upload the one-off document listing the round-up of your attendance.


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