Internal CPD activities take place alongside your colleagues and teams within your workplace on topics related to your practice that help improve the standards of your own practice and that of your team.

You can claim 1 CPD credit for each hour spent on activities such as the examples below:

Example meeting types

  • Journal Clubs
  • Grand Rounds
  • Multi-disciplinary team meetings (MTD)
  • Faculty meetings
  • Editorial meetings
  • Legal briefings
  • Case studies
  • Handover meetings
  • Workgroups
  • Review groups
  • Committees Meetings - Credits for activities related to Committee Meetings can be claimed under the Internal category. However a doctor’s PCS activity must be balanced and mirror his/her clinical practice and activity and reflect his/her scope of practice across all domains of practice. Participation on committees is eligible for Internal CPD credits to a maximum of 5 credits each year. There must be a patient safety element to the remit of the committee.

Example Courses:

  • Training, assessment or re-assessment of practical and other skills carried out at work such as:
    • Accreditation or re-accreditation courses for Life Saving/Resuscitation
    • Anti-microbial stewardship
    • Safe prescribing
    • Hand hygiene
    • Manual handling

Example Online Educational Activities

  •, e.g.; online training provided by your employer
  • Online courses with topics that relate to your practice in the workplace

Evidence of your participation is required. See: Evidence for Internal CPD and Example Template for Internal CPD