Here are the six things you need to do to meet your Professional Competence requirements

1     Plan your activities for the year

2     Conduct an Audit/Quality Improvement Project

3    Participate in and record CPD (Continuing Professional Development) activities

4    Map your activities to the 8 Domains of Good Professional Practice

5    Keep your ePortfolio for Professional Competence up to date

6    Keep your enrolment up to date

Safe Start - Are you new to medical practice in Ireland?

Safe Start was developed by the Medical Council of Ireland to help doctors who are new to Ireland.

It will help you understand the general requirements when practising here and how to deal with common clinical scenarios

Download the Medical Council "Safe Start" guide (PDF)

Visit the Medical Council "Safe Start" website

Will you be absent from practice during the coming Professional Competence year?

See What to do if you are absent from practice

There is more information on the Medical Council of Ireland website

The Medical Council of Ireland provides extensive information about Professional Competence.

Visit the Medical Council pages for Professional Competence