If you have participated in an RCPI Course or Event, it will be automatically added as a CPD record in your ePortfolio for Professional Competence.

This upload is done monthly, and all you need to do to have your activity included in the upload is be sure you have fully completed the online survey necessary to complete the course or event in our online learning platform, Brightspace.

To access Brightspace, simply login to www.rcpi.ie, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen, and then under Digital Services, click on RCPI Brightspace.


This will log you into Brightspace.


Once Brightspace loads, click on Awards in the top left of the screen. This is where all the Certificates that you have earned will appear. If a certificate is not visible, it may be that you have not yet completed the required survey

All attended RCPI events registered through Brightspace will be uploaded on your behalf in your ePortfolio once a month.  

You should visit your ePortfolio once per month to complete the final step of your event upload - see 

How to complete your RCPI Event Upload

Near the end of the PCS year and before your Annual Statement issues, please review your ePortfolio in case of duplication.


How do I access Brightspace?

How to access ePortfolio (Kaizen) for Professional Competence

How to complete your RCPI Event Upload

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