What is reflection? 


Reflective practice is the process of thinking analytically about a clinical/practice situation or educational activity relevant to your practice


Reflection on good or bad situations helps us to learn, better understand and improve 


What methods should I use? 


Doctors must feel able to have honest, open and confidential discussions about clinical events and activities  


There are many different ways to reflect:  Personal reflection, writing notes in e-portfolios, or, as part of a discussion with colleagues

A written record of reflection can be made any time.  All written reflections should be anonymised to protect the confidentiality of all parties


The essential ingredients for good reflection are to note the key learning gained from the experience, how it impacts your day-to-day practice, and whether it has helped you identify any future learning needs


Tip!: It is useful to add your notes to the "Key Learning" section of the relevant form when you are recording your learning activities in ePortfolio for Professional Competence so that you can refer to them in the future

Free Online Module: Guide to Reflective Practice


How to edit existing forms in risr (Kaizen) for Professional Competence

Download the RCPI Reflective Practice Guide: