Unfortunately, the Institute of Medicine does not have a contact person to assist directly with swaps. All our posts have been fully allocated and if a vacancy arises, for example due to a withdrawal, then the hospital will recruit for a non-training post themselves.

If you find another trainee agreeable to a rotation swap, please ensure that the below criteria is met and return the attached form. Please be aware that due to GDPR we can not give out names or details of RCPI Trainees. 

In order for the Institute of Medicine to process a rotation swap the following criteria must be met:

  • It is not appropriate for a specialty to be repeated. e.g, 6 months in one specialty. Trainees looking to swap into a specialty already completed will not be approved.
  • Both parties must still complete at least three different core rotations.  
  • Both parties must still complete at least six months in a peripheral training site.
  • Both parties must be aware and agreeable, before the form is submitted.  
  • Speak with Medical Manpower before submitting the form to get the OK for the proposed change.
  • You must receive confirmation from the RCPI Coordinator that swap has been approved by Regional Programme Director before any changes are made.  
  • Medical Admin will also be notified of the change.  
  • At least six weeks’ notice, before the commencement of rotation, must be given.  
  • Swaps need to be with another BST trainee and not with a standalone post
  • Submit the form to your RCPI Coordinator or training@rcpi.ie